Shinesoft Video to MPEG Converter: An Overview

Shinesoft’s Video to MPEG Converter makes conversions a breeze. The program accepts and supports a range of input and output formats. Converted video files can then be played on PCs or other portable devices and players. The following are some of the main functions of the program.

Video and Audio File Conversions

Using the program is quick and easy regardless of the user’s level of expertise with regards to software. The software can convert to and from several video and audio formats. Some of the input video formats supported by the program include AVI, MP4, DivX, MOV and XviD. These can be converted to formats such as MPEG1 or 2, SVCD, VCD, VOB and HD-MPEG. Snapshots of the video can also be captured and saved in BMP format. Users can choose to edit their video and audio files prior to conversion. Some of these editing features include trimming to certain lengths, changing the output and video size, adding subtitles, and specifying video and audio quality as well as channels.

Additional Features

Batch conversion is supported making it easier and quicker to convert multiple videos. A single set of settings is used for the batch conversion, saving time with minimal effort. With the audio shutdown feature, users may opt to have the PC shut down automatically after the conversion is done.

Download and Purchase Options

Interested users may legally purchase and download the program through the company’s official website. A free trial version is available to allow people to try the program and its features without the obligation to buy.