Shinesoft Video to MKV Converter: An Overview

Shinesoft offers consumers a series of video conversion software programs, and the Shinesoft Video to MKV Converter is part of that series. But, what sets this series apart from other video conversion programs is that it’s extremely easy to use, and it has a user interface designed for the beginner. Plus, the program is extremely inexpensive at $19.95 in 2010.

Converting Your Videos

The Shinesoft Video to MKV Converter helps you convert your video files into the MKV format. The MKV format is similar to AVI, except that it supports Variable Frame Rate Video and OGG audio. So, if you need to use this format on one of your media players, you don’t have to pay a small fortune for a video converter.

This program converts the following input video formats: FLV/WMV, AVI/MPEG, AVC, XviD, H.264 AVC, MP4 and DivX. It also supports the bitmap (bmp) image format.

Speedy Conversions

This program provides you with a batch conversion option. This means that you can convert multiple videos at the same time. Plus, you have the option to automatically shut down your computer after the conversion has finished. So, you don’t have to wait around while the video conversion takes place.

Editing Your Videos

If you want to change your video before you convert it, the Shinesoft Video to MKV Converter helps you do this. Cut out unwanted segments of both your audio and video. Preview your videos and changes before you convert it using the easy to use interface.

This interface allows you to see the output size, width and height, and title of your video. You can change any of these settings to better fit your player.