Shinesoft DVD to MPEG Converter for Windows: An Overview

Shinesoft DVD to MPEG Converter for Windows can be used to convert your DVD movies into formats which can be played on your computer. The software can convert any type of DVD into a digital video file, which can be used on your computer or shared with other people.

Easy to Use

Shinesoft DVD to MPEG Converter is very easy to use. The software has a nice user interface which shouldn't take long to get used to. You will simply need to follow a few simple instructions to convert your videos from DVD to MPEG.


DVD to MPEG converter supports DVD-9, DVD-5 and IFO image files. The movie can then be converted to a number of different formats including MPEG, SVCD, MPG, VCD and various high definition formats. A preview window is included in the software. This makes it very simple to look at the DVD and decide what you want to convert.

There's no need to convert the entire DVD disk to MPEG format. Actually, you can choose certain chapters to convert, or just choose to convert the main chapters of the feature film. This means that you can carefully convert the best features to make a small video.


As standard, the software will convert the DVD movie in the normal quality. However, if you plan on using this on mobile video devices, then you might want to reduce the quality. This will ensure that the file sizes are as small as possible. The decrease in quality isn't normally noticeable because it will be viewed on a smaller screen.