Shinesoft DVD Ripper: An Overview

DVD Ripper from Shinesoft is software that is used to rip DVDs to different formats, to make them compatible for devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Gphone and others. Some of the features of this software will be discussed below.


This software allows you to rip DVD movies into various other formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, DivX, FLV, RM and WMA. You can also convert the DVD movies into high definition videos suitable for idevices, Xbox, Zune, NDS and others.


Shinesoft DVD Ripper also has editing tools that allow you to customize your video creations. You can clip off video segments that are affected or distorted and also select only a particular segment to play. It allows you to divide the video into many segments and also merge different videos or clips into a single file or movie. You can even take snapshots of your favorite moments in a video and save them in JPG and BMP formats. The software has tools that enable you to add subtitles, audio tracks and other desired properties to your video.

Customizable Features

The DVD Ripper allows you to customize the audio/video properties for your video files. Therefore, you can change parameters like the size of the video, the quality, channel, audio quality, audio/video bit rate, frame rate and others for further personalization. After all the properties have been added as you desire, you can even preview your videos. It allows you to extract audio from DVD and other formats. All this can be done before the actual conversion. Thus, it is great software to invest in to create video files in a fast and efficient manner, with great quality.