Saving Files with Backup MyPC

Backup MyPC allows users to backup their files without have to write the files to a myriad number of CDs. It works with the users current backup devices to save and compress the files. This software was created by Veritas, and it became famous when Hewlett Packard started recommending it. The system is so easy to use that even beginners will quickly pick up the steps, but it is a little expensive for personal users.

Step 1: Using the Interface

The standout feature of Backup MyPC is that it is so easy to use. When a user starts installing it, it will search for backup systems already connected to the computer. Once it is fully installed, users can access a wizard feature, which is located within the Tools menu. This will then walk users through the steps required to backup their files.

Step 2: Backing up Files

When the wizard is initiated, it will ask users if they wish to do a full or selected files backup. For most users, it will be best to back up all files. If not, then there is a chance that other files will be lost if the computer crashes or if the user gets a virus. If users do decide to go with the selected files choice, then they must select the files that they want backed up.

Next, users need to select whether or not they want the system to do a full or incremental backup. An incremental backup will only back up files that have items added or changed, and it will also backup any new files that were added to the system. Select the compare files option. This will force the system to look at the files already backed up and the ones on the device. If they are found to be exactly the same, the system will not save another copy. This will save the user space on the system.

Step 3: Compressing Files

Users have the choice to compress files so that they take up less space. This could take some extra time. But, if the user’s backup device already comes with file compression software, then it should not take any additional time. Backup MyPC will just use the existing compression program to reduce file size.

Step 4: Automatic Backups

The program allows users to automatically backup their files. Users can set up the program to run at certain times of day, and it will do this even if the machine is not currently being used. Backup MyPC will do a full backup after every 10 incremental backups. This ensures that all data is saved in the case of a computer crash.

Step 5: Other Features

The system also has the power to backup registry or System State data, which will help with computer restoration. There is also a Disaster Recovery program, which will back up the entire computer. This includes program application information.

Users should do this at least once to ensure that they will be able to reinstall their programs. The only downside to this system is that it does not work with Windows XP.