Roxio Popcorn: Understanding CSS Encryption

Roxio Popcorn is basically a DVD copying software. It can also make the video compatible to be viewed on iPods, PSP, 3G cell phones which are video enabled, and devices supporting H.264 and MPEG 4 formats.

Roxio Popcorn and Encryption

Although it is copying software, the Roxio Popcorn will not copy DVDs which are encrypted, as it is against copyright laws to do so. For preventing a duplication process of a commercial DVD which is unauthorized, CSS (Content Scrambling System) encryption is used. This encryption system applies different keys of character strings that are meant to validate the reading process by a DVD player. Commercial DVDs, which are prerecorded, particularly have the CSS encryption so that they are not copied illegally.

Roxio Popcorn does not in any way try to copy such CSS encrypted videos and if you try, you immediately get the message saying that the DVD has CSS encryption. Roxio Popcorn can, however, copy all types of DVDs which have no ecryption and those which have been made using other Roxio software.