Roxio Popcorn: Exporting to Youtube

Exporting to Youtube can be the simplest thing to do with the Roxio Popcorn software. With just a few clicks, your video is converted and uploaded to Youtube! This article explains the step by step procedure to do this.

Step 1: Select the Video File

Click “Convert” in the top left of the window menu. From the source disc menu, you can choose the video file or video DVD that you have inserted in your drive. If it is a DVD, you can select which chapters are to be converted by selecting the “Options” in the video source selection dialog. It can be a full length conversion by selecting 'All', main title conversion by selecting 'Main' or your own custom chapter selection.

Step 2: Convert File to Specific Quality for Youtube

You will be shown the player setup window. Here is where you have to select 'Youtube' from drop-down list. Similarly in the Quality selection, you choose 'standard' or 'High”, whichever you want your Youtube video to be. Choose the temporary file location for this file to be converted and saved to before being uploaded. Now, click the 'Convert' button.

Step 3: Provide Youtube Credentials

Once you have clicked 'Convert', you just have to click the 'Add Account” button in the Youtube window. You have to key in the Youtube username and password in the textboxes now. Give the Youtube details of the video like description, tags/category, etc. for video in the appropriate text boxes given in the Youtube Window.

Step 4: Click Upload

That's it, Roxio Popcorn will convert and upload your video to Youtube, and when done will also spur up a browser for you to sign into Youtube and make any changes if required.