Roxio Creator: Retrieving Analog Music

Roxio Creator is a professional piece of editing software, which can be used to create high quality productions. It's also possible to use this software to capture and touch up audio tracks. While most of your new footage will be digital, it is still possible to import and use analog audio tracks. Roxio creator might be expensive, however, it will help to improve your project significantly. It's also easy to use this to import analog tracks to your project with ease.

Using Roxio Creator, you can connect your Vinyl record deck or cassette player. This makes it possible to record audio tracks from old analog formats. This means that there's no need to re-record audio tracks if you already have an analog copy available.

Step 1: Starting Roxio Creator

The first step is to launch Roxio Creator. To do this, click start on your computer and launch the application. If it's the first time that you are using this software, then you might need to first install it. This is done by putting in the disk and following the instructions.

Step 2: Setting the Right Mode

You need to put Roxio Creator into the correct mode. To do this, click on the "Music / Audio" button down the left side of the screen. To make use of old videos, you should then click on "Digitize LPs and Tapes". This will allow you to create a digital copy of your analog recordings.

Step 3: Connecting Equipment

You will now need to connect a record deck or tape recorder to your computer. The LP and Tape Digitizer window gives you advice about how to connect the equipment. There is also an option to print the guide so that you can use it to ensure your equipment is set up correctly. If you don't want to see this guide in the future, then check the tick box and click the close button.

Step 4: Setting Options

Click on the "Advanced Options" button to open the settings window. Then, you will need to inspect and change the settings so that the recordings are as good as possible. If necessary, you can limit the length of recordings. It is also possible for Roxio to automatically pause recording when it senses silence. The temporary directory can be changed in the settings dialog box.

Step 5: Output Source

Now click the next button and set up the output source. Click on the file format tab and select the desired format. It's possible to choose AAC, WMA, WAV or MP3 depending on your requirements.

Step 6: Track Detection

One of the advantage of digital media over analog recordings is that tracks make it simple to choose exactly what you want to listen to. Roxio Creator makes it possible to automatically detect these tracks by listening out for pauses. Check the "Silence may contain noise" option so that the silence from analog recordings is always detected.

Step 7: Choosing Devices

Now you need to choose the input device and the recording level. Once you have made these adjustments, you can then click the button to start recording your analog footage.