Roxio Creator: Outputting to 3D DVDs

Roxio Creator is a software through which you can edit photo and video projects such as slideshows, cards and calendars. Besides burning and copying CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, you can also create professional-like DVDs, even in 3D. Roxio Creator works with audio files, converting them to the most popular formats. Exporting your projects to portable devices, as well as sharing them on social networks such as Facebook or YouTube, is also a useful possibility brought to you by Roxio Creator.

Picture-in-picture effects are easy to add, as well as titles and scrolling credits, to make your video look professional. Easy editing options, such as rotating the video with one click, automatic adjustment of color and exposure settings, and brightness and contrast are all accessible with Roxio Creator. You are able to perform a precise personalization with animated themes, music and various HD menu styles. Converting a project to a 3D format is also a few clicks away.

These steps will show you how to output your project to a 3D DVD, after finishing and editing it to your preference.

Step 1: Starting the Output Process

Once done with editing your project in Roxio VideoWave, open the Output menu and select Send to MyDVD.

Step 2: Defining the Video Format of Your Project

Depending on your preferences and needs, you may choose either a standard format, usable for all DVD and Blu-ray players, or an HD AVCHD Disc. The latter is used when HD content is being burned to a normal recordable DVD, but it is to be played only on a Blu-ray Disc player.

After deciding whether you want to view your disc on a standard device, or you wish to make your disc playable on a RealD technology system, choose either Anaglyph or RealD in order to proceed.

Step 3: Using Additional Options

From the Edit section, you can choose to add or edit any movie in VideoWave and create chapters for an easy remote control navigation through them. This is a feature provided by MyDVD, for 3D DVDs usually do not have menus. You can add new movie(s), an intro movie or add a slideshow, depending on what options the project needs to fit your goals. Additional cool options are changing the Menu style and changing the Button style to add even more touchups to your project.

Step 4: Finalizing the Process

Once finished with editing your DVD, choose the quality you wish your project to have from the Quality drop menu. After deciding on that, you can preview your project and then finally record it by clicking on the fire-icon button. Then, in the dialog window that appears, you can change the disc label from MyDVD to My 3D DVD or anything else you choose, and then click on Burn to complete the process.