Roxio Creator: Mixing Audio Tracks

Roxio Creator has a built in Audio Track editor which makes it very easy to manage the sound tracks of your video. Roxio Sound Editor can be used to create and edit the sound tracks in your production. This will make it possible to create a professional looking and sounding video that you will be proud to show your friends and family.

When using Roxio Creator, you can touch up your sound tracks and make them sound much better than when they are recorded. This makes it possible to remove any parts of the recording that you're not happy with or mix together a few different tracks.

Step 1: Opening the Application

First, you will need to open Roxio Creator by selecting it from the start menu on your computer. When it has finished opening, you will then be able to see the main screen of the application. To put it in the right mode, it is necessary to click on the "Music / Audio" tab down the left hand side of the screen. This then gives you a number of different options which are useful when working with audio files.

The mode that we will be interested in at the moment is Edit Audio. This option makes it very simple to adjust and edit your audio tracks so they sound the best they can.

Step 2: Adding Audio

Once you have put the program in editing mode, you then need to add the audio files that you want to work with. This is done by clicking the Add Audio File at the top of the screen. This will display a regular browse dialog box which can be used to find the audio files that you want to add to your project and edit.

When working with more than one audio file, you can open them all at the same time by dragging a box around them or alternatively holding down control and clicking on all the files you want to open.

Step 3: Arranging Audio Files

Once the Audio files have been added, it's then a matter of arranging them. There will be a single track which contains all of the tracks that you have added one after the other. If you want to change the mix, then you will need to click on the project view and use the mix editor to adjust the settings. Drag and drop these files to arrange them on the timeline.

Step 4: Cropping Audio Files

With your audio files arranged correctly, you can then crop them so that they are the right length. The length of the sound tracks will normally depend on the content of your video. Cropping is very easy when using Roxio Creator. First, click on the track that you want to crop by clicking on it in the mix editor. Then zoom in by using the magnifying glass. Select the section of the track that you want to keep and click "Edit" and "Crop to Selection". The shortcut for this is Shift and Delete.

Step 5: Fade Outs

To add fade outs between the individual tracks, click on them in the mix editor. Then, select the last 5 seconds of each track and click Fading and Volume, Fade out to apply the effect.