Roxio Creator: Creating 3D DVDs

MyDVD is installed as part of the Roxio Creator suite of applications. This makes it very easy to create all sorts of DVDs including 3D movies. The 3D DVDs can be made from various sources including 2D videos. Using Roxio creator to make your 3D movies is one of the easiest and simplest forms of making movies in three dimensions.

MyDVD can also be used to make all sorts of other videos. This simplifies the process of editing your videos and then burning them onto DVD. Following the instructions means that you will be able to create a DVD which can then be played in DVD players and on computers.

Step 1: Running Roxio MyDVD

First, you should launch Roxio Creator and then open MyDVD. MyDVD can be launched by clicking on "Videos / Movies" down the left hand side of the screen. This will run the module which can then be used to make all sorts of DVDs including 3D movies. With this selected, then click on "Create DVD" to start designing your DVD.

Step 2: Setting up the Project

When you have clicked on the create DVD button, a dialog box will appear. This makes it easy to set up the project exactly how you want it. Select the 3D button at the top to put the mode into 3D videos. You can then select whether you want to create a Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) video. Bear in mind the people who will watch the video. If they don't have a blu ray player, then it won't be possible to use the HD video options.

Step 3: Importing Content

With the Project set up into the right mode, you will then need to import the content to your project. This will make it easy to create your 3D movies. In MyDVD, click the Add New Movie button. Follow the instructions on the screen to choose whether you want to import the videos as separate tracks or as a single movie.

It's important to realize that 3D DVD's do not have any menus. This means that you will need to select each chapter manually by using the remote with your DVD player. This could be a little inconvenient at times. More chapters can be added later on when you are organizing the video.

Step 4: Setting the Source

When you have imported the content, you will then be presented with an option to select the format of the source file that you are importing. It's possible to choose a 2D or 3D file type. When using 3D files, you will need to select the type of file that you are importing so that it can be imported correctly.

If you're not sure which format to choose, then you should read through the instructions which came with your camera. This should tell you the format which is used.

If you are using 2D source files, the software will try to create a 3D view by automatically generating another viewpoint of the same video.