Roxio Creator: Burning a DVD from an ISO Image File

Roxio Creator is an easy to use media editing software which has numerous tools and functions, like creating and burning an ISO image file, at its disposal. These functions make it easy to convert, store and share audio and video files. The software’s latest version, Roxio Creator 2011, is particularly useful if you want to create DVD backups on your computer in the form of ISO files or if you wish to burn one of these ISO files to DVD.

This article will look at the different ways you can save an ISO file onto your computer for record keeping purposes and how you can burn those ISO image files onto a DVD disk.

Step 1: Creating an ISO File

In the case you have to copy a project on to a DVD disk through MyDVD, click on the Burn Project button to open the Burn Project window. When you check the Burn to Disk option, also check the Save Disc Image File option below it to save an ISO image file of your project on your computer. Now when you click the Burn button on MyDVD, you will also be saving an ISO image file of your project.

Step 2: Creating an ISO Image File from an Existing DVD

If you have a DVD disk that you want to make an ISO image file of, you will need to click on the Data Copy tab and click on the Data/Copy option. Here, you will be able to choose an option to Copy Disk to Image. This will open the Copy Disk to Image window where you simply need to indicate from what drive the ISO Image needs to be copied from and where this ISO needs to be saved. Click on the green arrow to begin the process.

Step 3: Burning the File onto a DVD

Now that you know how simple it is to create an ISO file image, you will find it equally simple to burn an ISO file on to a DVD disk. In Roxio Creator 2011’s main interface, choose the Data/Copy tab and click on the Burn Data Disc option. In the bottom area, you will see the Burn Disc Image option. Click on it to select this option, and you will be taken to the Burn Disc Image Area.

Here, first choose the source of your ISO image file by clicking on the browse button and searching through your computer. Once you found it, double click on the Image and choose the disc drive where you have entered a fresh DVD disk to burn. Make sure to choose the quantity of DVD copies you wish to create before clicking on the green button to begin the burning process. If you have chosen to create more than one copy, the Burn Disc Image progress bar will automatically notify once a copy has been made and ask you to add a fresh DVD.

These simple procedures cover all you need to know about how to manage an ISO image file in Roxio Creator 2011.