Roxio Creator: Beatmatching

If you own a computer and you have burned at least one CD in your life, you know that Roxio Creator is a very useful and versatile tool. However, most common users are not fully aware of the different abilities of this program. If you feel like keeping the party going and creating your own fun music blends and mixes, you can use the Beat Matching Effect of Roxio Creator, which helps you synchronize beats extracted from different tracks.

What Is the Beat Matching Effect?

Beat Matching is an ideal software effect for DJs or people who like creating their own music compilations from their CDs, adding their own sound results. What is more, Beat Matching helps you create the music you want in a professional way, as if you are an expert DJ.

Releasing Your Inner DJ

This is a very easy program to use, since you can simply run Roxio and add the music you want. Once you do so, you will be guided by the program itself. Of course, you might not be able to produce the exact result you want from the very first attempt, but you will be able to rip the tracks off, reorder them the way you want, insert the first cross-fades, and then match the beats you want.

You will be able to choose among the effects you prefer, adjusting the time between the cross fades of neighboring songs. Basically, Beat Matching gives you the chance to change the beats, add different beats and create the sound effects you want for your mp3s or CDs.