RipIt: A Quickstart Guide

RipIt is a simple program for Mac users to transfer DVDs onto their computers. The process is quick and easy; here are the steps to get you started.

Step 1: Initialize RipIt

Initialize the software and load the required DVD onto your optical drive.

Step 2: Rip or Compress

RipIt provides two options for transferring the DVD onto your Mac computer. Choosing the Rip option will create a copy which is identical to the disc. This copy can be played on the player application on your computer.

If you select the Compress option, RipIt will create a video file which is smaller in size. This facilitates the export of the video to iTunes and from there it can be synced to devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod. The options for specific encoding are provided under Preferences.

Step 3: Saving

The direct ripping process will take about an hour; if you have selected "Compress," it will take longer. The copy will be saved in the folder called "Movies," which is present in your main directory.