Production Editor: Editing Video

The Production Editor video editing program allows users to create their own videos. Using a simple and clean user interface, users can add videos, images, audio, transition, video effects, text effects and overlay. The program utilizes different tracks: one for video and images, one for music, one FX Track, one Overlay Track and one Text Track.

Step 1: Load the Program

From the desktop, double click on the icon or shortcut for the Production Editor Program. Once launched, the user will be presented with four different windows. The largest main window is the Preview window. This is where the edited video will appear and play. Underneath the screen is a series of buttons similar to what users would see on video player. This will allow the user to play, fast forward, rewind or stop a video.

On the left of the screen are two windows. One is the Add Content window, which allows users to add media, transition or effects to the timeline or storyline. Directly underneath is the Tools window, which shows an additional series of tools that can be used with the video as well as capturing or importing additional media. The long window underneath is the Production Editor Timeline. This is where the user or editor can add, arrange and edit the various media to create a video. The user can also choose to use the Storyline instead of the Timeline.

Step 2: Add Photo/Video

To add media, click on the Add Photo/Video button under the Add Content window. This will open a small window where the user will need to find the video or photo to be added. Once the photo or video has been selected, another window will appear. Choose where to place the image or video media. If there are existing media on the timeline, click on one video before pressing the Add Photo/Video button. This will allow the user to select to place the new media before, after, as an overlay or replace the selected video image. Click ok to confirm choices. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Step 3: Add Transitions

Transitions help ease viewers from one shot to another. Click the video or image where the transition will be placed. Press the Add Transition button. A window will open which will display all of the built in transitions. Select one and click Ok. The program will then open another window to prompt the user where to place the transition. Users can choose to place the transition before or after the selected panel or use it for the entire video, in between all of the shots. Bear in mind that if there are any existing transitions on the timeline or storyline, this will replace the transitions used.

Step 4: Trim the Video or Audio

Trimming the video is different from the audio. To trim the video, click the Duration button on top of the Timeline. This will open a window where the user can move the end markers and see the end result. Click Ok when done. For trimming the audio, click directly on the audio file on the timeline. Move the end marker to the desired position.