Primasoft Movie Organizer Plus: FAQs

Primasoft Movie Organizercan be used to catalog your movie collection. This has a number of different advantages. It makes it possible to ensure that you never buy two of the same DVDs ever again. It's also possible to use it to keep track of who you lent your movies to so that you can always make sure that you get them back.

How can I load a Database?

All of the movie information is stored inside a large database. It's possible to set a number of different databases for different types of films. Loading a new database is easy. To do this click on File, load database. Then select the database that you want to open. It's also possible to create a new database in this window if you prefer.

How can I Create a new Entry?

Once you are in a database it is possible to use it to create a new entry. To do this click File, New Record. Alternatively you can click on the New button on the toolbar. Once inside here it's possible to fill out all the files.

How can I change or Delete Drop Down Entries in the Database?

When you are using movie organizer plus you can set a number of different drop downs with multiple options. These can be changed very easily. To do this click on the details option. Then select the drop down list, right click it and click Edit list. It is then possible to manually edit the list and change the options.