PQ DVD to Zune Video Suite: Key Features

PQ DVD to Zune converter is a very useful piece of software which can be used to convert DVD movies into a format that can be played properly on a Zune media player. This software is an all-in-one solution which means that you don't need any additional tools or utilities to convert the films.

Easy to Use

This software is very simple to use. If you do not need to adjust any settings, then simply putting the disc in the drive and making a single click will be enough to start converting and processing the video.

Fast Speed

If you are using this on a dual or quad core processor, then this software will use it to its advantage. This means that the conversion will be as fast as possible.


The software is set up to convert the videos to 320x240 or 640x480. This makes it easy to create videos which will fit on the Zune screen. It's also possible to create new resolutions if needed.


The aspect ratio can be adjusted easily. It's also possible to crop the videos to remove black bars. This ensures that the videos will look large enough to see on the small screen of a portable media player.


The subtitles and audio language can be adjusted easily and added to the converted video.