PQ DVD to iPod Video Suite: Key Features

PQ DVD to iPod video suite can be used to convert DVD videos into a format suitable for your iPod. DVDs are ripped easily using this software, which makes it possible to load them onto your iPod quickly. When the videos have been converted, you can then take them anywhere you want with you.

One Click

PQ DVD to iPod is very quick and easy to use. There is a useful one click interface which can be used to convert any DVD discs you have. This is suitable for most people who don't need to adjust any other settings.


The software creates high quality videos in MP4 format. These are suitable with almost all MP3 players and iPods including the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Classic.

Quick Speed

The software is very quick and easy to use. PQ DVD can utilize the new processor enhancements, such as dual core or quad core, to speed up the conversion. The software works four times as fast as other similar converters.


Any black bars around the video can be removed by cropping the picture. It's also possible to make adjustments to the aspect ratio, brightness and contrast.


The software can be used to convert DVDs to iPod video format. It's also possible to use this to convert AVI, MPEG and Tivo files which are suitable for iPod media players.