PowerDirector: Adding Particle Effects

Power Director is a power photo editing program that takes the open editing approach to templates and effects. Some of the existing design tools include menus, animated PiPs and titles. However, the latest version also offers particle effects which allow for customizable effects. Besides photo editing, Power Director also offers video editing tools. It is offered in a deluxe or ultra version. The software has been optimized for several different hardware options offering very fast editing and video creation

Particle Effects

Particle effects can be added to photos in order to create simple animations. These in turn can actually be very dramatic. Power director comes with many templates and parameters that can easily be altered to create fantastic effects. There are preset options for direction and pattern of the particles. It also gives users the ability to import bitmap files to change the shape of particles and more. Each particle can be altered based on its path, size, color, density, speed, gravity and much more. Some examples of particle effects include snow falling, a path of stars, graduation where hats are thrown in the air, and flowers growing (and then petals falling).

Adding Particle Effects

All particle effects are added using the picture in picture (PiP) timeline. This will create an additional overlay that inserts the animated object into the photo. The program offers 9 different PiP tracks so many different layers can be applied and animated to the video or photo. Different tracks can be used for audio, animations, chroma key effects, transitions, titles, split screens and animations.

When using the particle effects for the first time, start out with the premade particles, but then as you become more familiar with the program, see about creating your own customized particle effects. This is a great way to start to create your own special effects. Once the racks have been set in one project, they can easily be copied and then applied to other projects.

Working in Power Director

The workspace in Power Director offers a lot of flexibility as it can easily be resized to fit any screen. It is possible to customize what is shown on screen so that tools you frequently use are shown and others that are not used are hidden. Easily preview the current clips and see how each small change affects the clip. It is also possible to use Power Director with the dual monitor support. This makes it possible to preview the project on a 2nd monitor. Get rid of timeline clutter by hiding or locking tracks and protect the settings for each project.

High Definition

Power Director comes with support for high definition input and output. This way high definition footage can be captures and then imported into the software. Power Director can then export the footage after editing has occurred in several different high definition formats including AVCHD, Blu-ray and MPEG-4.Exported files can be played on disc or on portable media devices. When working in HD, the system will create low resolution proxies so that all editing and previewing can be accomplished quickly. Then, all original files with the changes added will be outputted. This makes creating and editing high definition footage quick and efficient.