PowerCinema: Using the Native Widescreen

The PowerCinema by CyberLink is a complete home entertainment suite/solution that is intended to roll up a lot of functionality into a nice and compact framework. It allows the user to enjoy forms of entertainment, like watching movies, changing TV channels, recording and downloading live TV programs, and getting news access. The software package is accented by a nice, sleek and slick-looking user interface. It acts like a one-stop solution to all your media library management needs – movies, TV, pictures, audio, RSS feeds, etc.

The software suite also includes native widescreen support. Simply put, it is a feature that allows you to watch non-widescreen movies in a widescreen format. The following describes the aspects of this feature in more detail here.

Step 1: Understanding Widescreen

Technically, the term widescreen represents any image or motion picture that has an aspect ratio greater than the standard 4:3. In modern day use, widescreen is more commonly associated with an aspect ratio of 16:9. So, any TV or computer display that adheres to this ratio of 16:9 is termed as a widescreen display.

Step 2: Understanding PowerCinema and Widescreen

There is a very high probability that you own a huge media library that has tons of movies and pictures shot in the 4:3 aspect ratio. Watching these on your widescreen can be a less than inspiring visual experience, with lots of space being wasted as the ‘black strips’. PowerCinema saves you the torture by automatically recognizing the differences in aspect ratios and converting your movies to the 16:9 aspect ratio. It gives you the widescreen viewing experience that you can relish without your attention being drawn to the black strips.

Step 3: Using Native Widescreen

You can play all your movies in native widescreen or enjoy digital dolby system with rich channel audio. The TrueTheater technology is ideal for a taste of high-tech in your own home. PowerCinema uses high performance player technologies, offering high-definition video playbacks, subtitle support and quality enhancement of video and audio. The native widescreen feature supports widescreen movie playbacks on any new-tech TV screens or monitors. The software also uses natural stretching to avoid losses. You can use PowerCinema along with other native resolution fix plug-ins ideal for widescreen monitors. Adjust the native widescreen resolution to enjoy great video performance.

System requirements

You can use PowerCinema on computers with high CPU speed and at least 512RAM. It is Windows XP and Vista compatible and works great with DirectX9 or later. You will need 1GB free HDD space for TV running and time-shifting, along with TV Tuner cards, audio and video cards and optical devices.

PowerCinema works great with computer platforms, and it is compatible with Windows displays of 1024x768 resolution and higher.