PowerCinema: Review Your Videos

PowerCinema turns a standard computer into a Home Entertainment system. By installing this software on a Windows computer, you can use it to make your TV much simpler. As soon as this software is installed, it makes it possible to control  your computer from your sofa using a simple remote control. As well as recording television shows, it is possible to review your photographs and videos.

Your family videos can be reviewed on your TV. This has a number of advantages over reviewing them on your PC. Firstly, it's possible to allow the whole family to watch. Another advantage is that you will be able to see exactly how everything will look.


PowerCinema makes it possible to enjoy videos in a wide range of different formats. This means that you will be able to watch videos in MPEG-2, MPEG-1, DVRMS, MPEG-4, WTC and WMV. It also supports high definition video formats, including H.264.

No matter what format your video is stored in, it's possible to watch it using PowerCinema. Unlike many other free media center applications, this has built-in decoders for all of these types of videos. Because of this, you can play these videos right out of the box.

Finding Videos

The videos are organized to make it easy to find the ones that you haven't watched before. The older videos, which have been watched in the past, can still be opened by scrolling through the list of videos. If you know the name of the video, then you can also search for it.


Reviewing the clips on your TV is very easy when using PowerCinema. Each of the videos have their very own thumbnail image of an important scene in the movie. This should make it easy to quickly choose the videos that you want to watch without trying to guess. There are quick preview thumbnails available, which make it possible to preview the first few seconds of the video without needing to open it up and start playing.

The thumbnails can be browsed through using a computer keyboard or alternatively using a remote control. This makes it easy to look through your videos without leaving your sofa.

Playing Back Recordings

PowerCinema makes it very easy to record television programs by selecting them in the guide. It is easy to play back the recordings by selecting them from the media list. A thumbnail image makes this possible. The date and time of the recording, as well as the channel, are also included in the file name. When the recording has finished playing, you will be given the option to repeat or delete the video.

Rating Videos

When you have finished watching your videos, you then have the option of rating them. This makes it easy to find the videos that you think are the best. It's possible to rate both your own recordings and other videos.

It's also possible to use similar tools to review photos on your television. This makes it simple for other people to enjoy looking at your family snaps.