PowerCinema: Controling the TV

PowerCinema is a very popular home theater application which can be used to turn a regular computer into a fully functional home theatre system. Home theatre systems make it possible to simply put one box underneath your TV. A home theater PC or HTPC can be used as a DVD player, media player and music player. Another benefit of using a home theater PC is that you can watch online TV services such as iPlayer and Hulu on your Television.

PowerCinema makes it possible to control what you watch on your TV by scheduling and recording to your computer's hard-drive. When you have more spare time, it is then possible to watch it.

Electronic Program Guide

One of the best features of PowerCinema is that it features an Electronic Program Guide. When connected to a compatible TV card which supports digital TV, it can display an EPG. The EPG shows you what is on TV at certain times. This makes it very easy to decide what you want to watch when. It's much easier and less annoying to look through the EPG rather than flicking through all of the channels at speed.

Controlling from Your Sofa

One major disadvantage with HTPCs is that they can be complicated. Having to stand up to use a keyboard with them can be very irritating. PowerCinema, however, is very simple and this makes it possible to control it from the comfort of your sofa. The user interface fills large screen TVs and looks fantastic. Remote controls can be used to select the option on the menu and control exactly what is playing.

Watching DVDs

If there isn't anything on television at that time, then you could watch DVDs. PowerCinema supports DVDs without needing to exit the application. This creates a seamless way of watching DVDs. It's simply a matter of popping the disc in your computer's DVD drive and then using your remote to play the DVD.

Scheduling Recordings

If you see something on the EPG that you want to watch, but haven't got time, then you can record it. Being able to record using the EPG makes it much easier. Because of this, there is no need to worry about entering Video Plus codes. It is also possible to fast forward through your recordings, which is great for skipping the ads or bits that you don't want to see. In case you miss anything, it is also possible to rewind the film.

PowerCinema supports a maximum of 99 recordings at a time. This should be more than enough for anyone. All of the recordings are directly stored on your computer's hard-drive, which then makes it easy to watch back later.

Pausing Live TV

Most people will wait for the ads to get up and go to the loo. If you can't wait, then you will be interested in the ability of pausing live TV. PowerCinema supports this and it can be very useful. Simply press the pause button on your remote and the show will be recorded to the harddrive. When you click play, it will then play and record at the same time until caught up.