Power2Go: Photo, DVD and Audio Features

Power2Go 7 is the latest version of the software and one that offers many new and exciting photo, DVD and audio features. If you are not yet aware of what improvements have been made by the creators of this excellent CD burning software package, now is the time to find out.


The Photo Gallery Creator is a powerful feature that helps in showcasing photographs interactively in the form of slideshows that will still manage to retain their original High Definition image quality. In addition, Photo Gallery allows you to save your photographs in original formats as well as resolutions. Other than these benefits, this software offers full image resolution and support for text and Internet links.


Power2Go 7 also offers unique and professional grade DVD authoring. Its DVD Authoring Tool allows you to create very professional quality DVD menus. The interface is easy and can be used by anyone including those that do not have previous DVD authoring experience. You can also customize menus with any background picture of your choice.


The all new WaveEditor is a feature that allows you to edit and also enhance the quality of your audio files. You can also extract any audio track from a video file and then create an Audio CD from an MP3. In addition, there are limitless MP3 ripping as well as file conversion tools that allow you to create your audio files for use with a portable music media player. You can also rip from a CD to MP3 and to WMA/WAV files.