Power Producer: Outputting to Blu Ray Discs

Power Producer is a disc burning and outputting software program for your computer. This authorizing software supports the creation of DVD discs and Blu ray discs. Basically, the Power Producer software has the ability to create standard or Blu Ray discs in AVCHD format. Power Producer allows the production and creation of VCDs, DVDs and Blu Ray discs, including a simple and stylish interface and new design tools. Here is how you can output to Blu Ray discs in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Preparation

In most cases, you have the media clip on hand, but it might not be perfectly polished and edited. You do not need to worry though because Power Producer can do that for you. You can specify the disc type and video quality you want to use. You can go to Power Producer Options and choose Blu Ray. If the video is perfect from the start, you can use the Right to Disc feature, choosing Blu Ray disc as well.

Step 2: Burn the Media Clip to a Blu-Ray Disc

Burning the production to the disc is the final stage of the editing or production process. Check the option “Burn to Disc” on the Final output window, specifying the burning options. You will be asked to specify the number of copies you wish to create. Then, you should label the disc.  You can name it any way you want depending on the content. Then, you should click on the burn button and the task will begin immediately. Once it is completed, a new window will pop up showing a congratulating message for the completion of your task.