Power Producer: Optimized NVIDIA CUDA

Power Producer is a video production and editing software that has been optimized with NVIDIA CDU hardware. This optimization means that HD video rendering can be achieved much faster and in much shorter time. This software can create videos and slide shows, and then author this content to discs. It is possible to add music, import different images and convert these images all in one step.

Scaled Down

This software is a scaled down version of the popular Power Director. It is possible to capture both analog and digital videos, and then brun them onto DVDs and CDs. The main differences are that the editing features are less than what is found in Power Director. It is possible to add music, merge shots, create menus, split scenes, trim shots, add backgrounds, add color inversion and add titles. It is also possible to capture and then burn the video in one step without adding any edits.


With the NVIDIA CUDA, it is possible to encode H.264 formats much faster than traditional hardware. This H.264 is a type of high definition video. The software supports NVIDIA graphics cards that are needed for HD encoding. A few of these graphic cards include Tesla, Quadro and GeForce. This hardware is much faster because it can execute many different concurrent threads slowly, instead of thread after thread quickly. This allows for many different processes to be done at the same time. CUDA also uses game physics calculations, as well as graphics rendering.


In order to completely optimize using this hardware, it is important that all of the threads in each path agree on the execution path of the threads. It is best that serial executions are avoided at all costs. By having many different threads running at one time, any threads that need to wait to be read by the memory or travel through kernel branches are hidden. Something is always going on with this hardware. The scheduler is very important as it will tell which threads need to go through next while others are waiting.


One of the most important steps of this form of optimization is memory access and the transfer between the device and host is attempted to be kept at a minimum. Normally 16 different threads can be read from the global memory. This type of access is called coalesced memory access. Shared memory is the best memory to use, as all the threads within a specific block are able to share information. Initially the global memory is used, and then this is changed into shared memory. All of the main calculations used for processing occur within shared memory, and then all of the results are transferred to global memory.

Fast Processing

Not all programs are optimized to work with this form of hardware. For those individuals that capture and then need to convert a lot of video quickly, NVIDIA CUDA will ensure that everything is done in plenty of time. You no longer have to worry about authorizing taking a very long time. Not all software comes with this optimization, but Power Producer brings this convenience not only to its full powered Power Director, but also to its younger cousin, the Power Producer.