Power Producer: Optimized for the ATI Stream

Power Producer can be used to create professional slide show presentations and videos. This is very powerful software which works very quickly. Normally video editing tasks are time consuming and demanding on your computer's hardware. If your computer isn't brand new, then it might struggle. Power Producer is optimized for a number of different pieces of hardware including ATI Stream.

If your computer has a supported ATI graphics card, then the software can use some of this processing power. This will take the load off your CPU, which should make processing faster.

High Definition Video

Even normal video editing projects are difficult. However, editing and processing high definition videos is even more difficult for your computer. By using PowerProducer with ATI stream, you can speed this up. PowerProducer is designed to help make high definition video processing much easier.

PowerProducer supports a number of different formats, which will ensure compatibility with different software and devices.


Many different graphics cards are supported by the software. These are all from the ATI Radeon HD range of graphics cards and include the Radeon HD 4200, 4650, 4670 and 4870 X2.

The ATI Avivo converter must also be installed to allow you to experience these speed boosts. This can be downloaded from the ATI website and installed.