Power DVD: Upscaling Movies to HD

Power DVD supports upscaling of standard definition video files to high definition formats and transforms your movies. PowerDVD uses TrueTheater, which is actually a collection of a wide range of audio and video enhancing tools, that can be used to upscale and enhance you media library. It can literally turn the usual and boring standard definition videos into sparkling high definition video files. It’s like going over a previous sensory experience once again, but with much richer audio and video. The following tutorial examines the upscaling process.

What You'll Need

  • PowerDVD 10
  • 257.21 VGA driver (or above) 257.21 3D
  • Vision driver (or above) if you use NVIDIA 3D

Step 1: Using TrueTheater Video Effects

These video effects are the highlights of this particular software solution and provide a lot of options to digitally re-master your files. You can choose from the following options:

  • Auto adjustment: Simple as it sounds. It will instruct PowerDVD to apply a round of default settings and enhancements to all your video and audio files. As an added feature the software will also monitor system activity and power options, if you are using a mobile computing platform to watch your media library.
  • TrueTheater HD: A simple and effective one-click solution to convert your current standard definition video to high definition resolutions. The results will be much sharper and clearer. You will need to simply select the sharpness levels and this will easily change your 480p video footages to 1080p.

Step 2: Using Advanced Effects

  • TrueTheater Motion: Video files that are shot on a low frame per second rate may appear choppy and non-smooth while playing. The motions effects can simply increase the frame per second rate for your video selection and provide a much smoother viewing experience. All you need to do is select an appropriate frame per second rate based on your original frames per second.
  • TrueTheater Noise Reduction: Selecting this option will enable you to reduce levels of video noise in your video collections. All you need to do is simply adjust a slider to select an appropriate video noise reduction level for your videos.
  • TrueTheater Stabilizer: If you find that your videos are too shaky, you can optionally employ the stabilizer to steady the videos to a significant extent.

Step 3: Converting 2D to 3D with TrueTheater 3D

One of the most exciting options that the PowerDVD provides you with is the ability to convert your regular planar video footage to 3D video footage. This can be done to almost any kind of video file. You may need to check the manuals for the supported video file formats though. All of this can be done during the playback process itself and does not need any separate processing.

Simply click on the 3D button and go for the 3D options. Just use the slider to select and adjust a resulting depth for your videos, and you will be good to go.