Power DVD: Making Your Own Movie Reviews

Power DVD allows you to make your own movie reviews. You must make the reviews during playback and the reviews will then be available in the Movie Info tab. If your version of Power DVD is equipped with this feature, you can even share your movie reviews on Facebook, Twitter and MoovieLive.

1. Pause Your Movie

In order to make your own movie reviews in Power DVD, you will need to be watching your movie in playback. During the playback of your movie, you will then need to pause the movie so that you can enter movie reviews.

2. Enter Your Review

When you pause your movie during playback, a comment field will appear on your screen. You can enter a short movie review into the comment field. The comment field has a maximum capacity of 140 characters. However, you can pause your movie at multiple spots and enter multiple reviews, if needed. If you decide to go that route, the review that you are entering should be about the scene that you have paused on, and not the entire movie.

3. Click on Share

Once you have entered your movie review, click on the Share button. Doing this will save the review that you have entered into Power DVD.

4. Sharing your Review on Websites

After you click on Share during step 3, a dialog box will appear on your screen that will ask you to select which websites you would like to share your movie reviews on. As previously mentioned, Power DVD allows you to share your comments on Facebook, Twitter and MoovieLive. Once you have clicked on a website, click Share again and follow the prompts on your screen to share the movie review on that website.