Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Comment View

'Comment View' is an option in Pinnacle Studio that allows you to see detailed information about the scenes in your album. This information can be in the form of keywords, scene names or text comments describing what the scene is. All of the information in 'Comment View' is editable and created by the user. In other programs, this is called metadata. By default, scenes in the album are presented in 'Scene View,' where they are only represented by an thumbnail frame icon.

How to Use Comment View

If you want to view your scenes in comment view, then go to 'Album'-> 'Comment View' in the menu command. By default, a scene's name is it's sequence number and duration. For example, the third scene in your album that's three minutes and twenty one seconds long would be called "Scene 3, 3:21". However, you can easily change that by clicking on the video clip which will cause an in-place text field to appear. All you have to do is enter the clip's new name in here to change it, along with any other information you wish to add.

How to Name a Scene

A scene's name should accurately describe what is happening in the video clip. For example, a medium shot of Doug in the bar scene should be called 'Bar Scene: Doug: MS'. A cutaway shot of an empty glass should be called 'Cutaway: Empty Glass'. Creating an accurate naming system of your clips will make your editing go a lot faster and smoother, because you won't waste time searching for a clip that's been unclearly named.

Entering Text Comments

You should also enter in text comments about your scene so you know the details about the scene. If you have four takes of Doug's medium shot at the bar and the third take has the best performance, then you would make a note in the scene's comment area. That way, you always refer to take three when you need to use that shot instead of going through all the other takes.

Select By Name

If you need to quickly find a clip, then you can search for it by using the 'Search by Name' feature. This feature can be accessed by choosing 'Album'-> 'Select By Name'. A window will open where you will enter keywords into the text field. Once you've entered your keys words, click 'OK' and all scenes that have those words in their name will be highlighted in the album. By default, this feature only searches through clips that you have named. Default names are not included in this search.