Pinnacle Studio: How To Redetect Scenes

One of Pinnacle Studio's key features is it's ability to automatically detect scenes. As your video is being captured, Pinnacle automatically detects natural breaks in the video and divides it into scenes. For each new scene that is created, an icon for it appears in the 'Album'. The scene detection process either occurs during the video capture process or immediately right after depending on your capture device. 

Pinnacle Studio has four possible scene detection options. A new scene can be automatically created based on changes in the shooting date and time. It can also be created automatically based on changes in the video content, or it can create a new scene every 'X' seconds. You can also choose to not have the program automatically detect scenes.

Why You Would Need to Redetect Scenes

Scene Detection is not a perfect process. For example, if the scene you shot has lighting changes within it, then 'Scene Detection Based on Video Content' would create a new scene for every lighting change. This can quickly get very annoying. Fortunately, Pinnacle Studio allows you to redetect scenes so this time the program can get it done right. 

Step 1: Recombining Divided Scenes

You would also want to take advantage the Redetecting Scenes feature if you've combined or subdivided scenes and wish to restore them. However, if you wish to use this feature to restore your scenes, then you need to recombine the subdivided clips first so that you can redetect the scenes in the larger clip. 

To recombine the scenes first select the clips that you wish to combine by 'shift' + clicking on them. Then go to 'Album'-> 'Combine Scenes'.

Step 2: Selecting the Scenes to Redetect

Before you can redetect your scenes, you must first select the clips you wish to perform this process on. 

Step 3: Performing Redetection

Redetecting your scenes is easy. Once your clips are selected, choose 'Album'-> 'Detect Scenes From Video Content' or 'Detect Scenes From Shooting Time and Date'. A progress window will appear when the process starts as Pinnacle Studio redetects the scenes and adds them to the album. 

If you had a scene that got butchered with the 'Detect Scenes From Video Content' originally because there were a ton of camera moves and lighting changes, then try doing 'Detect Scenes From Shooting Time and Date' on this run to keep everything together. If you're just trying to restore divided clips, then apply redetection with the original detection settings that were used when the clip was first captured.