Pavtube Video to iPhone Converter: An Overview

Keeeping memories in your iPhone is now easier with the Video to iPhone Converter. You can customize your videos and bring them wherever you go. If you love to travel, these videos are a perfect way to remember the best moments in your life. Aside from your own video, you can have your favorite movie or other formats converted with the help of the Video to iPhone Converter.

Quick and Easy Conversions

With its user-friendly interface, you can find the functions that you need immediately, without having to deal with different instructions and arrows that lead nowhere. All the functions that you need are right before your eyes. Click on them and be directed to where you want to be--no loopholes and other confusing buttons. On top of that, you can also get twice as much speed compared to other DVD converters with this software.

Sync Video and Audio

Want to put more fun into your videos? Change the original audio file and have it customized with your own. This will add more twist to your already fun and creative video. You can also insert subtitles and other audio tracks like voiceovers for a more crisp audio experience.

Crop, Trim and Snap

Take the annoying black edge from the DVD out of your picture. Make the most of your iPod’s screen by cropping videos and getting only the best parts with the Crop and Trim functions. Aside from this, you can get snapshots of certain scenes for promotional purposes.

Make the most of your video and make it easier to share with the Pavtube Video to iPhone Converter.