Pavtube MOD Converter: An Overview

Pavtube MOD Converter is very useful for those who need to edit and/or playback their .mkv and .mka files. This software also helps convert these file type so that they can be played on popular devices such as Apple TV, PS3, Xbox and more. This is a program that gives you the power to convert and edit different Matroska files to various popular formats such as MP4, 3GP, AVI and MPG. In doing so, this software ensures that the converted files can be played on different kinds of portable gadgets. Here is a look at the other features and functions.

Syncing Audio and Video

With the help of well optimized syncing technologies, Pavtube MOD Converter allows you to sync both audio and video in a manner that will completely eliminate all syncing issues.

Fast Conversions 

With the help of its multi-thread encoding technologies, Pavtube MOD Converter can do conversions in half the time of competing software.

Adding Text, Images and Watermarks

A special feature enables the Pavtube MOD Converter to allow users to add various kinds of watermarks including video, text and even images.

Editing Tools

Pavtube MOD Converter has useful tools to help you edit your files in a manner that creates better quality videos. Whether you wish to crop an image, trim it or even merge your videos, Pavtube MOD Converter helps you do these actions with considerable ease.

Pavtube MOD Converter also offers other functions including capturing thumbnails that can be used as wallpapers and even as editing elements.