Pavtube DVD to iPod Converter: An Overview

Take the silver screen with you wherever you go with the Pavtube DVD to iPod Converter. If you want to watch a few scenes of your favorite movie or you simply want to watch your favorite TV series’ DVD collection, then get them converted and uploaded to your iPod so you can bring them anywhere.

User-Friendly Interface

Get all your information just with one click. The interface for this software is so easy to use that you won’t have problems finding the options that you need. There are no hidden controls, which means that everything can get done right away. The DVD to iPod Converter should help you more in the process instead of giving you the headache of finding the right buttons. You can be sure Pavtube spares you the hassle.

Trim, Crop and Sync Video and Audio

Choose the portions of the video that you want to save on your iPod so you can relive those scenes wherever you are. You can also crop them to make sure you got the full screen for your viewing pleasure. While doing this, get some music to play in the video and let the music give more impact to your scenes.

Smooth Operation

If there are certain problems that you encounter, the built-in codec troubleshooter helps in finding the solution to your problems. This means that its codec system does not have to interfere with the codec pack installed on your PC, ensuring that your computer applications and operations are not affected.

You can get videos ready to be shared from your DVD to your iPod with the Pavtube DVD to iPod Converter.