Overcoming Production Errors with After Effects Plugins

Using After Effects plugins can be a great way to correct any mistakes that you experienced during production. Filming is great fun, however, it's impossible to get everything perfect first time. That's why digital video recorders are so useful. Using a digital video camera, it is possible to copy the video footage to your computer and then edit it with various software.

There are many different pieces of video editing software, such as Adobe After Effects and Final cut Studio. There are also a number of plugins which can be used with these pieces of software to make your videos look much better. Any mistakes or errors can be removed by using these plugins.

Step 1: Assessing the Video

First, you need to connect your camera to your computer and download the files. Then, take your time to play back the video and take a look at anything that you're not happy with. Hopefully almost all of it will be ok. Make a note of the times that aren't perfect and what needs to be changed. You will then need to decide exactly what to do to get rid of these problems.

Step 2: Cutting

Sometimes it might be possible to cut the parts of the video that you don't like. This is where you actually remove the segment of video that you don't like. If this isn't something that you can do with your video, then you will need to look for alternatives.

Step 3: Speeding up

If you don't like a certain aspect of the video but think that the segment still gives something to your video, then you could speed it up slightly. By speeding the video up, you can keep the general story while skipping anything that isn't completely necessary. Speeding up is very easy when using Twixtor or some other plugins. To do this, simply open up the Effects Viewer. Select the Output as Twixtorized and then adjust the speed. The speed is measured in percentages, with 100% being normal speed.

If you want to return to normal speed, then you can click somewhere else on the timeline and then adjust the speed again. This will make it easy to change the speed throughout your video.

Step 4: Improving the Look

If you are using a fairly inexpensive digital video camera, then you might not be impressed with the quality. Plugins like Magic Bullet from Red Giant Software can be used to improve the look of the video and make it look like it was filmed using a professional film camera. This is an expensive plugin, but it contains a suite of different effects. It's possible to use this plugin to add noise, change color tints and remove damage from the photos.

These plugins will make it very simple to make your videos look much more professional, even if you made some mistakes. Mistakes are very easy to make, but they don't have to be the end of the world. You will be able to correct many of these errors with a bit of patience and the right plugins.