Output to DVD in Avid Liquid

Avid Liquid allows users to output their video to a DVD, allowing them to save and share their videos with friends, family or potential employers. This simple process can be accomplished by beginning and advanced videographers alike.

Step 1: Completing the Video

Before you start trying to export your video, it should be complete. All effects, transitions and the like should be completed and the video should be watched to ensure that nothing is missing. Once the video is burned to the DVD, changes can be made, but the DVD will have to be pitched since it's already be used.

Step 2: Start at the Beginning

When the video is complete, you should move the timeline back to the beginning of the entire sequence or video. If not, the DVD authoring tool will only begin where the video is currently at. This could mean that only a small percentage of the clips will actually be select.

Once the video or sequence is at the beginning, right-click on the Name tab at the top of the timeline. This will bring up a drop-down menu. Go ahead and Activate All Tracks. This will select all tracks in the timeline for DVD authoring.

Step 3: DVD Menu Wizard

When the tracks are activated, left-click on the DVD icon on the toolbar and the DVD Menu Wizard will now appear. In this box, 40 customizable templates will appear. Scroll through the selection and find the type of DVD menu that you would like to use. Click on it.

On the right-hand box, step-by-step instructions will also be provided in case the user needs additional help in completed the DVD authoring.

Step 4: Switch to Film

Once you select a template, switch to film style. This can be done by clicking on the top-center box, which is located on the gray bar between the two source boxes. There will be six boxes in all. Once clicked, the top-center box should turn red.

Step 5: Deselect Unwanted Tracks

In the upper left-hand box, you will see all the selected tracks. If you want to eliminate some clips, either click on the box next to the clip to remove the track or click on the track in the timeline. Once done adding or subtracting clips, hit "Apply."

Step 6: Insert Source into Master

Now, hit the arrow above the boxes to Insert Source into Master. This will add the DVD points to the timeline. In the right-hand box, the points will also appear with the thumbnails for that clip.

Step 7: Customize Background

If the background is not working for you, you can hit the pencil icon on the toolbar and select a picture from the window, a transparent background or your own picture to use as the background. You can also change the names of the DVD or the thumbnails simply by clicking on their text boxes. Once done, click "OK."

Step 8: Preview and Export

To preview the video, hit the Preview icon, which is the last icon on the toolbar. Scroll or play through the video to ensure that the video works properly and that it looks OK. Now, just export the video to DVD.