One-Click Fixes with MediaShow

MediaShow is powerful software which provides a host of easy solutions for managing and editing videos and photos. Among its many features, the one-click fixes are particularly appreciated by people who do not have time or inclination to go through laborious processes and menus to edit their work (although the editing is quick the output is just as professional).

Fixes for Your Photos

MediaShow provides easy slider controls and single click solutions for the usual corrections that need to be done on photos. These include removing red-eye, correcting the brightness and contrast, adjusting the white balance, cropping to size, straightening curves and adjusting color saturation. It also has a feature called "Batch Edit" which lets you apply a particular edit to a selected batch of photos. Management of photos is also easy with the new tagging features. If you want to quickly search for photos of a particular person, just click on the person's image and MediaShow will show you all the photos which have that person.

Fixes for Your Videos

Video shooting does not always go as planned, and you are left with quite a few flaws. MediaShow gives a one click solution for editing videos which are grainy and removes "noise". It also stabilizes shaky footage and automatically adjusts color saturation, contrast and brightness. You can also keep comparing editorial changes with your original footage as the "Edit Log" keeps track of your editing process, and you can always revert back to the original if you do not like what you have edited.

For people who find video editing tiresome, there is also the automatic feature which offers six predefined styles, so that the editing of the whole video happens as per the predefined theme with a single click.