One-Click: DVD Burning in DVD Slideshow Builder

So you want to make a DVD of images but dvd burning can be slightly hard? This tutorial will explain the basic way to do this.

Step 1: Get to Know the DVD Burner Software

Familiarize yourself with DVD Slideshow builder. Scan the program's features and see how it works. This would help you in burning slideshows of your pictures or any other media files faster and easier in the future.

Step 2: Organize Your Media Collection

Set a folder in your hard drive that is exclusive for certain categories of pictures and videos. Let's say that you make a folder for pictures taken in March, then another for each month. This way it is easier to import later. Also, mark your folders that contain video clips so you won't mix up when moving media from static.

Step 3: Start the Program

Open up the program. When the program loads, find the files that you want to burn and hit the import button. The import button will let you choose the media that you want to include in your final DVD. You can edit each entry with the built-in tools such as adding transitions, frames or even text that might spice up your collection.

Step 4: Make a Menu

This time you can select from a number of themes that are pre-made for different occasions. There are the weddings, Christmas, birthdays, baptism and so on. Once you have selected your preferred menu theme, you can edit the title and captions. Be careful not to mistype anything because the errors cannot be edited when burned. It is advisable to use DVD-RWs CDs and not DVD-Rs CDs because if there are errors on the burning process, you can still redo the whole process and use the same CD. But, it's best to check for typographical errors in making the menu to save you the hassle of redoing the whole process again.

Step 5: Start Burning

Now that everything is set-up according to your liking, you can now click the "Burn" button. You will have to wait for a few minutes for the burning process to complete. It may take a while for the DVD burning to finish especially with DVDs that have a lot of content. While there are other options like outputting your movie or slideshow into PC formats, iPhone or iPod, there are times when DVD's are just much more enjoyable because you get to hook it to a big TV and you enjoy a home movie along with the family. When the bar hits 100 percent, the tray opens and your media file is burned and ready for viewing. But if DVD burning fails due to some system errors, a pop-up window will appear and the tray opens. You may have to do the whole process again.

Congratulations. You now know how to burn a DVD using Slideshow Burner software.