[number] Useful Features of the x264 Codec

The x264 codec is a free way of encoding and decoding high definition videos. The codec is released under the GNU GPL licence. This is a high definition video codec which can be used to create videos easily.

As this codec is open source, it's possible to look at the soruce code online. The cource code can even be customised if required. Native support of the x264 codec is included as standard with FFMPEG and several other players.


The writers of the codec were Laurent Aimar, Eric Petit, Min Chen, Mans Rullgard and Alex Wright. These people continue to have a hand in the ongoing development of the codec.


The x264 codec is one of the best in class. They feature very good compression features which ensures the video is as small as possible.

It's possible to use x264 to encode 1080p high definition streams. The best thing about this is that there is no need to use specialist computers. It's possible to encode high definition with a regular modern computer. The codec is very powerful and capable of creating high quality, but small videos. x624 supports a number of different applications and is suitable for web video, blu-ray, broadcast on television and HD-DVD.

The trade off between size and quality is good. This means that the videos will be as small as possible without affecting the quality too much.

Online Services

x264 can be used for a number of different online video services. It's an important part of Hulu, Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube. It is also used by a number of television broadcasters. Here are six useful features of this codec:

1. Compression

The x264 codec has a very powerful compression system. This makes the video sizes as small as possible. The compression algorithms work without reducing the quality of the video too much.

2. High Definition

The x264 codec allows you to encode video in high definition. This is compatible with plasma and LCD televisions. If you want to create high quality high definition videos, then this x264 codec is one of the easiest methods of doing this.

3. Compatibility

It's possible to play back videos encoded with the x264 codec with a variety of software packages. It's easy to play back these videos with windows media player as long as the correct codecs are installed on your computer. Other compatible clients include FFmpeg, Virtual Dub and HandBrake.

4. Audio

The x264 codec supports multi channel audio for surround sound. The audio is very high quality and in sync with the video.

5. BluRay

The x264 codec is the first open source codec which is fully compatible with the BluRay system. It was developed in 2010 and is being developed continually.

6. Useful for Online Use

It's easy to use this x264 codec for online use. If you want to create video sharing websites, then the x264 codec will be invaluable.

The x264 codec is suitable for all high definition purposes. This includes when you are using it to create blu-ray disks.