[number] Reasons Why the 3ivx is Great for Macs

With so many different MPEG-4 Decoders available for PC computers, it is nice to find 3ivx for Macs. This was released in December of 2007. After the 30 day free trial runs out, Mac or PC owners will be happy to know that it is relatively inexpensive to purchase.

1. Great Features

This video compression application will convert MPEG 1 and 2 as well as DV video to QuickTim MOV files that can be viewed with the VLC Media Player. This user friendly application will allow you to balance your needs between the speed of compression, the quality of output and the size of the file. This application will create high quality files that are compressed as small as you need them to be. It works well with all of your processors, even your dual or quad Macs. Compress files to 1/2 or even 1/3 their original size without losing quality.

2. Fast

3ivx is twice as fast as Apple MPEG-4. It can produce a video that is of excellent quality and half the size. It works up to 5 times faster while encoding and is a faster decoder. It is 100% compatible with Apples MPEG-4 Decoder that is included with every copy of QuickTime 6.

3. High Quality

3ivx will play back most MP4, MOV, AVI and 3GP files along with MPEG-4, AAC Audio and M4A files. This application produces video of a noticeable higher quality than other decoders. It maintains record-breaking speeds due to the high quality of the post-processing filters. You can obtain a free trial and test out the software yourself on your Mac computer, so you have nothing to lose.