Noise Reduction 2.0: Rescuing Damaged Audio

Sony Noise Reduction 2.0 is a powerful piece of software which can help you to recover damaged audio tracks. This software is very expensive, but is capable of professional quality results. The software makes it possible to use a video track even if it is suffering from problems with the audio.

If you create a lot of videos, then this is a must have piece of software. Although it is expensive to buy, there is also a free trial version available, which you can use to find out whether it will be able to help you salvage your audio tracks.

Salvaging Audio

One of the most important parts of the software makes it possible to rescue audio tracks which are already recorded. This makes it possible to convert recordings that you have on analog sources, such as vinyl records or cassette tapes. The crackle removal technology makes it possible to recover audio which was recorded a long time ago.

The tool also allows you to adjust the sensitivity and the threshold of the noise. This makes it easy to recover worn, scratched and damaged recordings.

Background Noise

Another serious problem which often affects audio tracks is background noise. Sony NoiseStudio 2.0 makes it possible to remove the background noise from your recordings. You can remove electrical distortion, interference or other problems with your audio track. This software makes it possible to remove the distortion without affecting the original recording.

Try before You Buy

If you want to find out whether or not this software will be helpful to you, then you should visit the website. The trial can be downloaded from the Internet for free. Although this is limited to a few minutes of audio track processing, it is still useful to check that you're happy with it.