Newtek VT: Titling Live Television

NewTek VT[5] is the latest live production hardware and software program that seeks to improve how live broadcasts are recorded, and one way that is does this is by allowing users to title broadcasts via the LiveText feature. All users need to use this tool is a dedicated graphics operator and the LiveText software.

Adding Titles to Live Broadcasts

The Newtek VT [5] LiveText software allows users to add titles to broadcasts that are being filmed live, even if they are being filmed in a remote location. Users can add information like a dedicated title station or information about the broadcast.

LiveText works directly with either TriCaster (NewTek’s video production software program) or VT[5], and it can be used during a webcast (Internet programming) or live television broadcast. The system provides users with scrolls, static pages and crawls that can be run during the broadcast.

Using a Graphics Operator

While small operations may only have one person do everything, larger operations often have a graphics operator. Graphic operators create graphical or web images using a computer and using different types of graphic software programs.

If a station does have a graphics operator, then this would be a good person to use for creating the titles for LiveText. They are familiar with how this work should look, and they can be solely responsible for ensuring that the text is spelled correctly and that it looks right on the screen.

Further, since this is their main role, they can get things done faster than someone else who is responsible for other duties. For example, in an awards program, no one knows in advance who is going to win. So, somebody has to quickly type in the information about the name of the person and for what they won. A template can be set up that has most of the information, but the rest will have to be added on the fly.

LiveText Features

Besides the features listed above, the software actually has quite a few others. For example, the titles can be created from virtually anywhere since the system is compatible with laptops with the Windows operating system. Even TriCaster can be controlled via LiveText from a remote workstation. Projects can be saved one page at a time if only certain sections need to be kept.

Practically any type of TrueType font is compatible with LiveText, which gives producers and graphics operators more options. LiveText can save text styles, which is helpful if a station always uses the same style for their work, and these styles can be immediately brought up with little effort.

Other features include the ability to save font pages at 32-bit images, and the system uses vector-based drawing tools to create more detailed and precise images. And, users can access the drawing tools to quickly create boxes, splines and circles.

LiveText is only compatible with Windows XP and Vista; 7 is not supported at this time. Users will also have to have at least 1 GB of memory.