Newtek VT: Setting Up Audio

When setting up Audio Mixer Presets in Newtek VT, it is mandatory that you have a rough idea of how your show is going to be in the end. The following tutorial will setup two microphone inputs and mix audio from a DDR and a deck. The inputs of the mic will come in from XLR 1L and 1R and distinguish the audio from DDR and RCA 3.

Step 1: Open the Audio Mixer

The first thing that you need to do is to open the audio mixer. Before you begin setting up the presets, you need to ensure that you are set to 2 channels under SX-84 Controlled. If the presets are grayed out, then you are not set to the above specifications. You also need to ensure that you are set to Live.

Step 2: Preset 1

For the first preset, you will be using preset 1, which means that you need to select number 1 under Automation. The first inputs are going to be microphones, and therefore you should be able to use mute to bring them in and out. On 1L, you will change the volume to 0. When it comes to 1R, you will click on mute, which is the M that is just on top of the input, to ensure that the level it is set to is correct. The rest of the inputs are going to be faded in, so they will be set to infinite. Click on Set and choose number 1. This is the first preset.

Step 3: Preset 2

For preset number 2, you will need to select number 2 under Automation. This is just for the second talent, unmute 1R and choose mute for 1L. This will leave the level of 1L the same, but inactive. The rest of the inputs are going to remain infinite. To set it once again, click on Set and then preset number 2.

Step 4: Preset 3

With the presets of the microphone being setup, you can now set up the fade in and the fade out audio. Choose preset number 3 and choose Mute on the 1R. After this, increase the input on 3 that controls the RCA 3 to 0. This will enhance the fading of the audio and since the input of the microphone is inactive, it will give a smooth transition.

Step 5: Preset 4

The final preset will be a DDR. Open a DDR. The DDR is normally under Computer Sources. Under the Automation section, choose 4. Input 3 should be lowered. Input 3 is found under SX-84 to infinite--just under Computer Sources. The DDR should also be raised to 0. Hit and then choose the fourth preset. To verify the Presets, choose Preset 1 and when you hit on go, you will be able to see all the inputs at infinite besides 1L and 1R. 1R is going to be on mute. For the fourth preset, click on go and the third input is going to fade down as the DDR is increased, which will eventually bring up the Computer Source.