Newtek VT: Importing Text

NewTek VT is a new way to have a television control room in your own PC. This program comes with a video production tool, post-production capabilities and a powerful video editing device. The program also has the capability to easily import large amounts text, and this process can be done by both beginners and advanced users.

Step 1: Using the Import Tool

When text is already created, it seems silly to have to retype everything again just because it needs to be added to a new program. With NewTek VT’s script master tool, this can be automated, and all the text imported.

This is especially important if the user is working on a project for a client. He does not have time to rewrite pages upon pages of text, especially if there is a deadline looming. So, it makes sense to import the text, and NewTek VT can also be set up to keep the paragraph structure of the original text. This means that the user will not have to manually go back and try to fix messed up text, which eliminates another time-consuming step.

Step 2: Creating the Toaster Script Folder

To import text in NewTek VT, the user will have use a Toaster Script. This script can be found in a zip folder at the following address: So, the first thing to do is to download the zip file, and then open and install it.

Once the installation is complete, then the user needs to make a new folder and name it CGText. This folder needs to be located on the C: root drive. This is where the text will be imported to. Be sure that a .txt file was created by the name of CGTextSplit.txt. This should be located in the CGText folder. If it was not created, go ahead and create this file.

After the text has been imported, the location of the folder can be moved. Now, add the following script PageSplit.ToasterScript to this NewTek VT directory: \\VT4\Skins\CG\Large\Main\User Scripts and then launch VT[4].

Step 3: Importing the Text File

NewTek VT will automatically scan all User Script directions every time the program is started, which means that it should read the script that was just created. To import the script, simply drag and drop it into the folder that was created. The text file should now open up in NewTek VT.

Step 4: Breaking Up the Text

In NewTek VT, right-click on the gray bar near the CG Designer, and this will bring up a dropdown menu. Within this menu, the user should see TScript-Page Split, and this should be the second bolded item within the menu. Scroll down to Page Split. This will start breaking up the text based on how it was broken up in the source document.

If the user wants to manually do this, they can use the Page Split – Help option. The Toaster Script will also align the text within the lower part of the CG screen. The Toaster Script can also be used to create a default font for all incoming text, further automating the process.