Newtek Tricaster: Selecting Templates from Graphics Packs

NewTek Tricaster Graphics Packs provide users with tools to create professional-looking videos using pre-formatted sports templates. These templates are compatible with HD graphics, which means that they will not look clunky when placed up against clips filmed in HD. These templates are so easy to use that even beginners will quickly be able to use these templates.

Types of Templates

The NewTek Tricaster Graphics Packs are broken up into two volumes, 1 and 2. These graphics packages are strictly geared towards sports producers, and each package comes with 14 templates with 5 graphic designs. These templates are also customizable so that users will be able to add the colors of local, national or international sports teams. Users can also add player photographs or images associated with the teams on which they are reporting.

The five types of templates are as follows: lower third ID with text only; lower third ID with text and image; lower third or center stats with image; center player ID with image; left or right border; and scoreboards.

Lower Third ID with Text Only

The lower third ID with text only will display at the bottom of the screen, leaving of the rest of the screen for the sports caster, game or players. This bar can show the teams that are playing, the time left in the game or period/half, statistics and the like.

This information is customizable, and text and colors can be changed based on need. Users have the choice to have this displayed across the screen or stacked up on top of each other. Regardless of the choice, it will never take up more than a third of the screen.

Lower Third ID with Text and Image

This is almost the same as the previous section, except users can add images. These images can show the team’s jerseys, logos, players and mascots. Users could also add promotional or station images here, but really only relevant images should be added to this area.

Lower third or Center Stats with Image

The lower third or center stats with image option will usually provide information about the player, including name and statistics, with the image of the player. For features on a particular player, this should be displayed in the middle. Images of the game can just play behind while this information is posted. Or, this can be used to just provide additional information about the team with a picture of the jersey, logo, etc.

Center Player ID with Image

This is similar to the stats, except it may just give the player’s name, how long they’ve played for the team, where they played previously, their college, etc.

Left or Right Border

This information will be sequestered to the right-hand or left-hand border. This can be used for minor information like the team name and mascot, but it should be short. Nothing too long can be placed on this border.


The final type of template is the scoreboard. This will just give the current score of both teams.