Newtek Tricaster: Picking Your Set with LiveSet

The NewTek Tricaster, coupled with the latest in NewTek’s LiveSet™ technology, allows any small time producer and content manager to achieve professional looking sets in virtual space. It allows you to look like a big player who uses sophisticated studio settings, while actually using a very small studio space and without the need for any external equipment.

NewTek Tricaster LiveSet allows you to cut off a significant investment in software and specialized hardware, along with the requirements of a trained and specialized crew to operate your act. The following tutorial explains how to choose and create your own LiveSet.

Step 1: Setting up for a LiveSet

You will first need to setup and connect a camera to the Tricaster and setup a green screen as well. Make sure that the set lighting and talent is in place before proceeding. To start using the real-time LiveSet effects, you will use the LiveMatte section to set up a clean preliminary key. Next, you will select the camera on the appropriate section on the Switcher (Live or Preview) row. You must make sure that you use the best available source and connection to get superlative results.

You will now simply choose a LiveSet in Effects and proceed to align your cameras for the live (or preview) shot. You will click on the appropriate view settings in the quadrants shown on the screen, and ask your talent to change their position to align it completely with the white profile overlaid on the appropriate Output monitor - LIVE or PREVIEW.

Step 2: Configuring a LiveSet

You will now select a camera angle from the Shot menu, and the live set should be ready for use. You may choose to play full motion video sources on the virtual LCD panels in the set by choosing a secondary source drawn from the Effects Row of the Switcher.

You will now connect the cameras, and use LiveSet along with the Input Setup panel to configure a lot of different camera angles and distances according to your preference. You will also need to calibrate each camera to eliminate false color as you switch views.

Step 3: Creating Your Own LiveSet

You may create your own LiveSet based on the number of sample LiveSets. You can simply select a preset and configure it according to your own needs. The level of difficulty may actually be as simple as choosing two images – one for the foreground, and another for the background.

You can also add flavor to plain vanilla LiveSet effects. LiveSet allows for a simple title or computer graphic overlay on the LiveSet’s foreground channel, with your live video appearing behind it. You can, in effect, create custom titles and lower-thirds.

You may use this functionality to serve as a secondary ‘upstream’ overlay channel that is actually ahead of the main ‘downstream’ Overlay on the final program stream. You can use the LiveSet and titles effects in conjunction to apply a network channel graphic that always stays in a corner.