NewTek Tricaster: Mastering Clip Selection with TimeWarp

The NewTek Tricaster is the leveler that allows small production houses and players to be on a level playing field with the big boys. The NewTek Tricaster TimeWarp enhances the small and compact HD production studio’s capabilities to handle clip selection, marking and playback at various speeds. The NewTek Tricaster TimeWarp is an optional interface to your basic Tricaster module that connects via standard USB interfacing. The following tutorial specifically looks into the clip mastering aspects of NewTek TimeWarp.

Step 1: Set DDR Controls

The DDR controls are two simple buttons that control the Selection and List playback modes for the particular DDR selected by the TimeWarp controller module connected to the NewTek Tricaster. If you plan to simply replay clip applications, set the Cue mode in the DDR. You will simply press the Spacebar to transition into and display the replay on the live video output. The switcher automatically re-selects the original live source, when the replay clip ends.

Step 2: Set ALT DDR Controls

You will note that a second set of functions is assigned to certain buttons on the TimeWarp panel when the ALT button is depressed. (ALT operations are not assigned to all TimeWarp controls.)

In order to fast-forward and rewind, you will use the buttons that are accordingly marked. They are placed in a left to right order that reads Fast Forward, Rewind, Next Clip and Previous Clip respectively. The Fast Forward and Rewind buttons are labeled as “>>” and “<<”. These are the names that are unmodified by the ALT button function.

The fast-forward and rewind function actually scan through the currently active clip at a speed that is sixteen times greater than the normal rate. To move to either the beginning or end of the clip, you will press the button a second time during scanning. The ALT mode (when the ALT button is depressed) causes the Fast Forward button to skip the first 5 seconds of a replay clip. ALT +Rewind plays the clip’s last 5 seconds.

To jump to the end, highlight the next clip in the active DDR play list; you will press Next Clip (>|). The previous Clip button (|<) will select the clip above in the play list. You will note that If the DDR is in List mode, the highlighted clip is not always the active one.

Step 3: Set DDR Transport Controls

To move an active clip one second later or earlier, you will press the ALT button and Click on Next or Previous Clip. You can intuitively use the conventional Stop, Pause and Play buttons that are also found on other devices.

Please be aware that when the ALT button is pressed, the Stop and Pause buttons change their default functions to two other critical auxiliary functions. ALT + Stop turns the DDR’s Cue mode off, whereas pressing ALT + Pause enables Cue mode.

Following the above guide should now enable you to work your way around the NewTek Tricaster TimeWarp.