Nero Vision: Advanced Authoring

Nero Vision is certainly the best DVD and Blu ray burning application, which can be used to create video DVDs and Blu Rays (which can be played back on your TV using a standard DVD player). If you are interested in using advanced authoring, then you will need to discover how to use it correctly. Advanced authoring options give you a lot of control over the finished video, but using these will be slightly more complicated.

When Nero Vision is installed on your computer, you can create all sorts of different videos. When using the advanced authoring option, you will need to get some extra help to understand the settings correctly.

Sharing Videos

Nero Vision advanced authoring makes it possible to share your videos in a few different ways. The videos can be shared online with social networking sites such as Face book and YouTube. The sideshows and movies can also be burnt onto DVD or Blu Ray disk and shared with other people. The videos shouldn't stay on your computer forever, as they need to be liberated.

Advanced Editing

When you set the application into Advanced Authoring, you will be able to edit the video in a number of different ways. This will ensure that you can trim and edit various parts of your video. The advanced editing application can also be used to touch up high definition videos.


The advanced authoring options include a number of different themes. These can turn your video into a professional movie. You are able to embed menus, title screens and music. It's also possible to create 3D menus, which make navigating and finding your way around very simple. There are also over 140 images included which can be used.

Video Editing

Nero Vision features video editing which works very well. Lots of different effects can be applied to the videos including overlays, key frame adjustments and picture in picture. Applying Picture in Picture effects is very easy since two videos can be added to the timeline and then re-sized to fit on the same screen.

You will need to practice using the video editing tools included in the application. These tools make it very easy to improve the quality of your videos.


There are lots of places where you can get help to use the advanced authoring options included in Nero Vision. There are lots of tutorials on the Internet which can be used to improve your skills. You will need to learn lots of tutorials on the Internet to learn what you can do. There are also help files which are included with the application to help you understand exactly how to use it.

Nero is a very useful suite of applications which can be used to burn all sorts of content onto optical disks. This is suitable for burning DVDs, CDs and Blu Ray disks. These disks can contain videos and data. Learning to use the advanced tools will help to make your finished media much better.