Nero Plug Ins: Understanding mp3PRO

Nero Plug Ins are a great alternative to use when converting audio and video files. Nero comes with special plug ins, which are suitable in the audio and video conversion process.

Using Nero Software

Nero Plug Ins come with Nero software products. These are great in creating DVDs with special effects such as 2D and 3D animation menus, chapters, titles and backgrounds. There are a variety of templates you can use to create original openings for your video projects and slideshows. Also, using the Nero Plug Ins, you can add great performance and quality features to your movies.

Single Applications

Nero Plug Ins work great with both single and combined applications. You can use them in various Nero applications such as:

  • Start Smart
  • Show Time
  • Control Center
  • Disc Copy
  • Wave Editor
  • Sound Trax
  • Recode
  • Photo Snap
  • Burning ROM
  • Express
  • Cover Designer
  • Vision
  • Disc Speed
  • Drive Speed
  • Burn Rights
  • Rescue Agent
  • Info Tool
  • InCD

Special Nero Plug Ins

When it comes to special Nero Plug Ins, they come with certain technologies and specific functions such as DTS Plug-In, Gracenote Plug-in, Blu-ray Disc Authoring Plug-in, Blu-ray/HD DVD Video Plug-in and mp3PRO Plug-in. The DTS Plug-ins are not included in both Nero 9, Essentials and Nero 8, Essentials packages. Gracenote Plug-ins are already included in Nero 9, but have to be purchased for Nero 9 Essentials and are not compatible with Nero 8 and 8 Essentials.

Blu-ray Disc Authoring Plug-ins are not compatible with Nero 9 Essentials, Nero 8 and 8 Essentials and can or can’t be included in the Nero 9 Package. Blu-ray/HD DVD Video Plug-ins are not compatible with Nero 9 and 9 Essentials and are not included or no longer available for Nero 8 and 8 Essentials.

mp3PRO Plug In

Another special Nero Plug In feature is the pm3PRO plug-in. Users can use this plug in to create more compact files with the best sound quality and complete compatibility with mp3 players. Whenever mp3s can’t compress the bandwidth of audio spectrum, due to low compression rate per second, users can go for the mp3PRO special features.

Special mp3PRO Features

This application encodes songs at CD quality, making high frequencies sound great and have tonal clarity. You can use it for unlimited mp3PRO encoding and decoding, and also unlimited mp3 encoding and decoding. It also offers few sound distortion rates compared to the mp3 sound technology and high 128kBIT/s sound quality, even when you compress it at half its speed (64kBIT/s). You can’t use this plug-in as a single or stand-alone product, but it can be used along with Nero. This plug-in is already included in both Nero 9 and Nero 8 packages, and it is both Nero 9 Essentials and Nero 8 Essentials compatible.

You can now start experiencing the great potential offered by Nero Plug Ins, saving memory space and enjoying high sound quality.