Nero Plug-Ins: Understanding Gracenote

Nero Plug-ins offer users a chance to do more with their Nero software programs. One such plug-in is Gracenote, which allows users to easily organize their music library, and this plug-in can be used by both advanced and beginning users.

Using the Gracenote Plug-in

Gracenote is a comprehensive music library plug-in to help users organize and obtain information on their current albums or tracks. This is especially useful for users with large digital music libraries. It can be difficult to keep track of all the music contained within the library. And, oftentimes, programs cannot recognize or find the album art for uploaded CDs.

What sets the Gracenote Plug-in apart is that it comes with an album art library, and this library contains the art for 6 millions CDs and more than 80 million songs. This means that the chances of just having the empty art picture decreases since there is a higher chance that Gracenote will have the album art. The program also contains information on individual tracks, the name of the album and the track number.

Gracenote will automatically search for this information, and users can select the correct corresponding information for their music files.

Gracenote Features

Besides the features mentioned above, the plug-in also comes with the ability to recognize song tracks no matter what format in which they were uploaded or downloaded or from what source they were obtained. For example, if a person uploads a MP4 track, Gracenote should still be able to find all the information associated with that track. Users can also access metadata on the tracks automatically with this plug-in.

Obtaining the Gracenote Plug-In

The Gracenote plug-in comes standard with the full versions of Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Essentials and Nero 9 Essentials. If a person does not have these versions of Nero, they will have to download the plug-in for a small fee. But, Gracenote will not work with earlier versions of Nero, only current ones, and it will also not work with Nero 8. The Gracenote plug-in can be downloaded from here:

Getting More for Free

There is more to Gracenote than what can be obtained via the plug-in. This company has a full website that will give interested parties information about individual artists, albums and tracks. The website can be found here:

Within the search box located on the top left-hand side of the page, users can input their search terms and either search the whole database or only search in one of the categories. For example, if someone is interested in looking up information on Kelly Clarkson, she could simply type in “Kelly” or “Kelly Clarkson” and then press the Artist category. Then, in the output section, she just needs to click on Kelly Clarkson’s name.

Here, users can pull up the albums or tracks by the artist, the artist biography, related searches and events related to the artist. The same thing can be done with tracks and albums, allowing users to get more detailed information than they would with just the plug-in.