Nero Move It: Understanding the Graphic Processing Unit

Nero Move It is used to convert and upload files to various computers and mobile devices, including MP3 players, cell phones and digital cameras. The program is very effective at converting files because it uses the GPU (graphics processing unit), as opposed to the CPU (central processing unit).

Understanding the GPU

The GPU is a microprocessor that is used to quickly convert multimedia files, including videos, 3D/2D graphics and the like. GPUs may also be referred to as visual processing units or VPUs.

They are most often found within the video card or motherboard of standard computers. GPUs are faster than CPUs, since CPUS are used for everything, while the GPUs are almost strictly devoted to these types of conversions. Many new notebooks and laptops come with integrated GPUs, but these are not as powerful as the ones located within video cards. This is due to the microchips involved with these types of processing units. The better the microchip is, the better the GPU will be.

Nero’s GPU

Nero Move it uses the NVIDIA CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture). CUDA is that part that computes the data within the NVIDIA GPU. This particular GPU is better than standard GPUs in that it can pick up and read the code from nearly anywhere in the computer’s memory.

The GPU also has a shared memory region, which means that this section can be shared among many different data threads. This section is very fast, and it creates a higher bandwidth. Users can control this section if they wish.

Other features include the ability download to and upload information from the GPU.

How Nero Uses this Technology

When a user needs to transfer information to and from devices, oftentimes this information needs to be converted. But, rendering items can take several minutes, if not hours, using standard GPUs. But, with the NVIDIA CUDA unit, this takes only a few minutes, allowing users to quickly transfer information.

Even large files can be easily uploaded using this software. With the CPU devoted to what it needs to do, and the GPU doing the media conversion and transference, these two processes will not conflict with each other. And, the data will not get stuck in the line of things that the CPU needs to do.

Devices that Can Be Synched

Nero Move It can be used with a variety of devices, including iPods, iPhones and PSP devices. It has the ability to handle, convert and transfer video, music, photo and data files. As long as the device is compatible with Nero, then data can be transferred.

To see a list of all the devices that are compatible with Nero Move It, go to the Device Compatibility section of the website, which can be found here: Simply select the brand of the device and scroll through the list. If the device is not listed anywhere, then it is probably not compatible with Nero Move It, but the company is always adding new devices.